The customer engagement toolkit for Local Businesses

Get more customers. Keep more customers.

You don’t need to understand all the latest Google algorithms. But you do need more than sign twirlers and coupon codes. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Help people find you online. 2. Impress them with your reputation. 3. Make it easy for them to interact with you. 4. Use their feedback to improve your business.

The Swell Solution

Boost Your Presence – Generate positive online reviews that’ll boost your search rankings (and your cred) and help more people find their way to your business.

Gain New Customers – Harness that new momentum by quickly engaging and serving potential customers through their preferred means.

Maintain the Momentum – Keep the energy going by checking in with customers and continuously improving. Maintain an awesome experience, retain more customers. 

S21Media is the sole Australian re-seller of the SpinCar product.

Are you ready to dominate the digital landscape?​

With this free download, you’ll have a comprehensive guide to digital merchandising that will help your virtual showroom stand out from your competitor’s.

Leverage these best practices today to help transform your VDPs and differentiate your website, driving more prospective buyers to your dealership.

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