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In order to shoot an interior or exterior 360 spins, you must use the iPhone App.

Currently, the SpinCar App is designed and configured for iPhones, specifically iPhone 8 and higher. An Android app is not currently available. The iPhone hardware can be supplied to you should you require.

Contact your sales rep for pricing and availability

We recommend that you submit a support request to add, remove or modify hotspots.

Simply access the SpinCar app on our iPhone, select the respective stock, tap ‘continue’, then simply tap on one of the three primary categories. Then simply tap on the specific image(s) you wish to reshoot as you normally would. 

The short answer to this is no. Loading directly into either of these will cause major issues in processing and execution of Listings posting to their relevant sites.

Instruction on how to use Depth Blur as well as other Features within the SpinCar app can be found by clicking the below-listed ‘Documentation’ link:

You will need to submit a support ticket for a password reset. Please be advised, due to security concerns, password resets must come from an authorized contact and meet specific complexity requirements

You have can submit a support ticket or contact via Phone

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