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Provided you have the appropriate level of access, you can view a number of different reports within your dashboard.  Simply click on the reports dropdown and select the relevant report you wish to view.

The request to remove a negative review or to have a review (positive or negative), modified, is at the discretion of Snap21. As long as the Review is in the Snap21 system, we have the ability to edit and remove. If a review within our system contains any of the following, we will either edit the content out or remove the review entirely: Vulgar language, Racial Socially Sensitive remarks, Non-related content (the review has nothing to do with the dealership or the staff from the mentioned dealership), highly sensitive information (personal information of staff or customer, security information, etc), other content deemed inappropriate by Snap21.

No. Snaps and Reviews are designated to the specific dealership. However, Some Automotive Groups will often share their individual locations snaps and reviews on the group site for greater exposure.

5 reviews are required

Simply access your personal Snap21 Dashboard and click edit on the “Bio” section of your dashboard. Then simply fill in the desired fields and click ‘Save Changes’

Unless you already have rights to adjust user settings, you will need to submit a support request. Depending on the specific level of access requested, approval may be required.

Absolutely, you can contact Support and request that the respective staff member is shifted to a specific location(s) or that we add them to an additional location(s). ensure you provide the correct locations listed name.

You can submit a support request for employee enablement or disablement. Please ensure you provide the employees full name

Typically, we don’t remove employees, we simply disable them.

You can contact support to request a training session. One of our Support Staff will contact you to make arrangements for an onsite visit (please be aware, some training session may occur remotely). Typically, we try to organize a group training session to maximise training efficiency.

Simply Sent our support team a New Staff request. Ensure that the below-listed information is included in the email:

Full Name:
Business Number:
Mobile Number:

You can reset your password on the login section or, if you are having difficulty doing so, you can always submit a support ticket for a password reset. Please be advised, due to security concerns, password resets must come from the email account associated with the reset

You have can submit a support ticket or contact via Phone

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The onboarding process typically takes 1-2 weeks, depending on client specific information and set-up.  Onsite training is then organized between Snap21 Support and the client

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Complete online contact form for request a free demo

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Complete an online application form

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